Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Smash Bros. might have us waiting for a while..

With the announcement of the Wii U and 3DS everyone was wondering what games would be available that we've all been asking for Super Smash Brothers U and 3D were announced at last years e3 event with no news as of yet about the Wii U itself or the Smash Brothers in general. Our Patience will be rewarded says  creator Masahiro Sakurai. My guess is they want to fine tune the original Brawl instead of making "Just a port" they want to make it special for the new system its going to be on:

  • Adding new characters to the mix specifically for the U and 3DS.
  • In a word buffing and nerfing characters... (Mainly Meta Knight)
  • New features that give the portable gameplay hours of replayability.
These theories and more have been plaguing my mind trying to see what Nintendo is planning, my main idea as to why this game might take a while is Nintendo wants more out of Nintendo special guest characters aka Snake and Sonic so it might take a while and our patience will be awarded with more characters from both Nintendo and maybe other characters..

Who knows what's under the sleeves of Nintendo e3 2012 could give us a teaser trailer for a portable Smash Bros. game, most of the time when companies use the "In time" excuse its usually to throw people off so they can be that much more surprised if something is revealed later on.

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