Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Start your sequel engines... Not Kart style All Stars Style

Just when you think the good times can't stop racing in the sequel to a good game Sonic and Sega's All Stars racing is getting a much needed sequel from a a really fun game. Announced at the Toy Fair in New York (Wow toys really have a knack for spoiling and or confirming video games and movies etc.) So far confirmed are new characters and new tracks are also on the horizon which is great because dont get me wrong the last game was good but of course it had some improvements that need to be done.

  1. More modes for single player as well as multiplayer, not to take a note from Mario Kart but one of the things that make it great is you can play the same amount of times but its the same amount of fun every time.
  2. Have characaters, cars etc easier to unlock. Maybe you may want to spend an afternoon unlocking characters through story mode or winning races against your friends and then finally picking the character you always wanted.
  4. All the characters that were available for mobile and IOS fully playable for consoles.
  5. The tracks could use a little spicing up, felt like the same old thing every time that's not the feeling you want a sequel to have in that respect.
  6. Each character could use a different all star power move you can select which one you want to have before the race adding more strategy to your game and perhaps picking an all star to have more of an edge on your competition.
  7. Also this may be a little off topic but since the racing game got a little spotlight i think All Stars Tennis needs a sequel as well.
These following characters should make an appearance in the All Stars Racing sequel as well as a tennis sequel:

Vyse - Skies of Arcadia:

Joe Musashi - Shinobi :

Max - Shining Force:

Axel Stone - Streets of Rage:

Bayonetta - Bayonetta:

Gilius Thunderhead:

Reala - Nights:

Nights - Nights: 

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