Thursday, March 1, 2012

Always love waiting for things that cost money to become free.... possibly

First when DC Universe comes out and i was eager to play it but it costs money... so i waited and now its free to play. Star Wars the Old Republic is out and again not enough money so now they say it might go FTP.... eventually (WTH!) Well with a game as great as Old Republic i will make another sacrifice of paying just like i do for WoW. In the minds of the people responsible for the MMORPG a free to play MMO cannot deliver the same kind of experience that can be delivered from one you have to pay for.

Do you guys also think anything with George Lucas and his name would be free? Sorry even i know better than to think that, its pretty expensive to keep the Star Wars name and Lucas bank account growing requires our money and let's not forget when DLC content roles around paying our subscription fee is just the back up they need to make us and our DLC the best we ever could have offered. I don't think it matters if Old Republic goes free or not i would still play it either way and you all should too.

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