Tuesday, January 3, 2012

X-men Vs. Avengers.... Now can Jean come out and play!

The above image was teased to us and i have to say i was ecstatic and sent tingles in my spine, seeing the Phoenix like that i automatically thought about Jean and how she's been MIA in the White Hot Room for as long as i can remember. With this news i can say i'm more than eager to see how their going to bring back Jean if they even do, might just be the Phoenix Force in itself might make its comeback.

Look at him he thinks he can run away.... 
Seen in this picture is what we think to be Nova fleeing from the Phoenix Force.... feeble attempt i know but who says the man cant try. A lot of theories and controversies are attached to a lot of things detailing the Phoenix Force and it's involvement. Whenever you think Phoenix Force you think about me right? Nah Jean Grey takes the mention on that  since its bonded to her on a scale of highest order. Then again their is Hope Summer the "miracle" baby of sorts and everyone's (not mine) pick to the next host of the Phoenix Force.

Stay tuned for more as i am going to go more in depth with this including all the areas i'm sure everyone is wondering.

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