Monday, January 2, 2012

My Cast Monday: Riddler

Another great villain candidate for a new series of Batman or even the Nolan-verse if it was possible, none the less he deserves to be in the movie spotlight again with a director that will explore his psychosis, obsession with traps and put a dark spin on the Riddler.

Tobin Bell:
Speaking of setting traps, psychosis and being a genius at making people think i give you the darkest Riddler we could ever ask for. Watching Saw (The first three mainly) I loved Tobin's portrayal of Jigsaw he always struck me as a Riddler someone who wants to make you think, test your survival instincts and proves that he is much smarter than you.

Jim Carrey:
Riddle me this and Riddle me that? Which actor deserves to redeem the role of Edward Nigma and take on the big bad bat? I think in the hands of a better director i am certain Carrey would deliver us a performance as the Riddler that will make us say Batman when?

Neil Patrick Harris:
The man that literally has his hand so far in comic spotlight from voicing and what not i do believe he would give us a spin on the Riddler no one saw coming, especially since his appearance would be probably be based on the Arkham City Riddler. Neil also has the acting ability to pull off the attitude of the Riddler perfectly in my opinion.

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