Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ninja Gaiden 3 gets a date and DOA incentive for pre ordering

March is the month of the ninja! Yes i do mean Ninja Gaiden 3 will be hitting shelves and systems, but would a DOA wrapped demo persuade you to get the collectors edition or as a pre order incentive from Gamestop or Amazon? Let's break it down about the collectors edition:

  1. Access and the ability to play as all four DOA5 demo characters: Ayane, Hitomi, Hayabusa, and Hayate.
  2. The usual art book and soundtrack you get with most collectors edition's now a days.
  3. A figure (Not to sure if its Hayabusa but it should be badass none the less. 

Pre-ordering the game at Gamestop lands you the stage demo with Hayabusa and Hitomi and the Amazon bonus is the same demo with Ayane and Hayate, Seems great to us DOA fans to get us to reserve the game to get our hands on the awesome sequel to the game we've been anticipating since the 4th one has been out for god knows how long. 

That's just a little preview to what we'll be expecting March 20th for Xbox360 and PS3 the collectors edition will set you back $108.86 but its worth for us hardcore DOA fans who will have our collectors and or reserved codes from the top retailers in order to get our hands on the game although i think i can speak for some friends of mine who wish these characters were aviable to play right away and dont want to wait like me.

My bro Swoozie could use his girl Kasumi:

My dude Rabies = Gen Fu 

My bro Offbeat Ninja = Ein 

My boy Chosen1 = Brad Wong

And of course for me the lovely Kokoro:

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