Monday, January 23, 2012

My Cast Monday: Batman Rouge Gallery

Roman Sionis: 

Mark Strong:

My absolute top pick for the role of Roman Sionis aka Black Mask, Mark has the attitude the acting ability and the ruthlessness as a gangster/ mafia boss to pull off this role perfectly and push this first time villain to his limits and beyond.

Killer Croc:

Kevin Grevioux:
The resemblance before he goes all amphibian is uncanny and i think Kevin would be a great Croc given the chance, he's a good actor and being able to let loose as a wild killing beast is a plus for him so that is also something i would like to see.


Brendan Hines:
Remix his pyro suit and i think were in business for a Firefly in a live action Batman movie and with some research and a  good director Brendan has got this role in the bag.

The Ventriloquist and Scarface

Micheal Emerson:

James Gandolfini: (Voice of Scarface) 

Jesse Eisenberg:
The role of the awkward and psychotic man behind the puppet i think Jessie more than fits this role and would totally kill it.

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