Thursday, January 5, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 features just keep getting more awesome Kupo

You know guys i was one of the unfortunate souls that allowed Final Fantasy XIII into my life and my eyes and my brain have never been madder at me, now that XIII-2 is on its way in less than a month i can say that its the truth and will be our "I'm sorry" game from Square Enix and I'm saying i except the apology with open arms as i wait patiently for the truth to be released.

I was able to get my hands on and interview someone about Final Fantasy XIII-2 and i have to say i was enjoying myself like you wouldn't believe (You'll see when you click and watch the video though.)

Did you play Final Fantasy XIII? All the way through? (Why?) Anyway your in for a treat one new feature from playing the last game and not beating it are special monster decorations and helping you count cards in the gambling arena... ok it ups your luck but isn't that really the same thing really? Another great feature and my personal favorite in games is auto-save and save anywhere, what if i want to play before i have to go out and work? I can squeeze in some time get my fix and save wherever i am and be on my way, lets not forget the infamous save before a boss battle that i know we have all done. I'm ecstatic about this game and really need my hands on it so i can review it and tell you all how awesome it is, stay tuned for more Final Fantasy fans the best is coming at the end of January. 

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