Monday, December 26, 2011

My Cast Monday: Talia al Ghul

A Femme Fatale literally to everything she's a ninja, master hand to hand combatant and gun expert why would you not want that in a movie! Rhas al ghul her father made an appearance in Batman Begins now i think  Talia deserves a shot with the league of assassins in another Batman movie series.

Milla Jovovich:
I think she's the perfect fit for a character like talia: tough, smart, weapon friendly and totally crazy about doing the best for her own causes. Milla would make a great action Talia if given the chance and i think it should be offered to her and it can be proven to the world.

Stana Katic:
Who better to fill in the body for Talia than the voice of Talia? Voicing her in Arkham City Stana already has an idea of how Talia acts and just has to fill in the blanks with her acting ability and physical appearance. She would be that Talia no one would suspect can kick your butt until its to late.

Olivia Wilde:
When i look at Olivia i can see Talia because she has the looks and she can push past the limits asked of her and her own limits to bring us an extraordinary Talia both mentally and physically.

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