Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still waiting on Incredibles 2 just like the rest of you.

So after the greatness that was The Incredibles  I've been patiently waiting for a sequel and wondering how the game based off the movie had more qualities of a sequel and still a movie hasn't been made yet. There is good news and bad news here guys:

Good News:

  • Brad Bird's still on board with making the sequel.
  • Does not want another director to take on the film and would solely want the responsibility to be his.
  • Wants to slow down and ensure that the sequel is as good as or even surpasses the original.
  • He has some ideas floating around but nothing that would constitute into a  whole movie.
There isn't really anything that makes for bad news other than more waiting... hell i would wait forever if it meant Brad wants to take his time and make sure we get an extraordinary sequel to an already great movie.

Still waiting to see what Jack-Jack is capable of... he sure does have a lot of powers with more undisclosed.... o.O

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