Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peach got her game so why the hell cant Zelda get one

In a battle of which princess is more useful i'm putting my Rupee's on Zelda: Telepathic, Archer, Sage, Sword skills and light arrows she once used to banish evil... sounds like the making of a beautiful game if you ask me.

For years now we've been playing the Legend of Link i say that because its mostly been about him saving Zelda from dire peril.. I dont know about you guys but i wouldn't want that to be part of my legend always getting kidnapped and needs to be rescued come on now. Eiji Aonuma the lead designer of Legend of Zelda has always been in discussions about giving Zelda her own game when they talk about making a new game, as you all can tell though it never seems to work out and Link gets the spotlight.

Other spin-offs like Super Princess Peach proved that the damsel can be the one causing distress, in order to make a good spin-off like that work you have to remember key things:

  • Story as to why the character is on their own and needs to go about by themselves.
  • System and Gameplay: Something like this is required to be on the system and what kind of gameplay you put onto a game about Zelda.
  • SHEIK! Playing as Zelda and Sheik would make perfect sense since sometimes you would be out and about as Zelda and other times you might need to ninja and be action based as Sheik.
All the things Zelda and Sheik can do they would be covered in the gameplay department all that really hasnt gotten this game off the ground is a solid story that makes sense for us and gives Zelda justice as a character.

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