Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bioshock brings more ways to kill to the table.... AWESOME!

Game Designer Ken Levine chats about how the gameplay mechanics of the anticipated Bioshock Infinite will  vary from the under the sea world of Atlantis... I'm mean Rapture and the floating city of Columbia, how I'm going to kill people is obviously going to look amazing from the videos and screen shot shots we have all laid our eyes on. The main protagonist Booker Dewitt will have his work cut out for him in this adventure, granted its not anything like Big Daddy or some plasma junkies but if Rapture has taught us anything its to be on your guard and be ready for anything.

Being a first person shooter you already have a wide assortment of Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns and other weapons that go bang anytime but Levine wants to add a more realistic spin on weapons and wants us to be prepared and ready for all kinds of situations, basically meaning we need to adapt and learn not to depend on that one gun we have because its powerful and gets us through nope we gotta work and be able to adapt.

Don't worry though guys new comer Elizabeth will add some spice to the gameplay as she can open rifts in the battlefield, meaning depending on how powerful she is you might want to be careful how you use this ability don't want a Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Hole affect to destroy you and everyone else do you? Last thing for PS3 owners who also have the move an added gameplay mechanic will be added just for you guys, see i can bring the good news and its not even confirmed if Kinect will get exclusive gameplay... i doubt it but we'll see guys you never know what Bioshock Infinite has in store for us.

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