Friday, December 23, 2011

Slaying Zombies in California? Sure why not

Rumor on the zombie filled streets is that Dead Rising 3 will introduce us to another new zombie slaying character, controversy, a wings reference, and California.... yea feels like dead rising all right. Everyone meet Rick a mechanic from Los Perdidos, California whose town is unfortunately shut off to the world due to the zombie apocolypse, its a good thing Rick and some survivors have devised a plan of survival and are going to "Screw the rules." As the zombie count rises you have an objective similar to Chuck Greene in Dead Rising 2 and that's building your means of escape by gathering the pieces.... because who really has the means to a plane already built for the off chance of a zombie outbreak (So unprepared).

Rick feels new and not just the idea that he's a new character once the world or in his case California goes all eat your flesh he's not as confident as Frank or Chuck so he wont be all killing things in the start. That adds emotion to his character and depth on a personal level a lot of us can maybe relate to. Rick pulling a Bob the plane builder needs to get his parts and build his plane before a bomb goes off and destroys Raccoon City.... i mean Los Perdidos, California.

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