Thursday, December 22, 2011

DC Needs to make Titans East aka Deathstroke's Titans into an animated movie

Yet another magnificent start to the Teen Titans movie train and another great premise that'll really get the titans going and wipe the dust off them and keep em busy.

Doesn't need my R-rating stamp but a little blood here and there, like all my movie picks 1:30min+

Ron Perlman needs to come back and voice Deathstroke aka Slade i'm so used to him in that role and with this kind of movie i think he would be the perfect voice for him.

Deathstroke plays a big role in this movie for his (Sick and twisted?) motives to take down the Teen Titans once and for all.

They should have a few segments where Slade gathers and travels the world to put together his perfect team of anti titans.

Lots of new characters are getting mentioned including Duela Dent aka Joker's daughter!

Tara Strong the voice acting goddess needs to voice the spawn child of the Joker, she would put a haunting Harley Quinn spin on how i think Duela should sound like.

Batgirl aka Cassandra makes a full caped appearance and she needs to be shown in full force (Being the leader of the league of assassins at the time.)

Deathstroke plans his anti titans on the basis of strength, skills, insanity and haunting factor. This proves that Slade is and always be a force to be reckoned with to the titans and DC.

The roster of the Teen Titans of the time was: Robin, Ravager, Wonder Girl (Cassie), Jericho, Cyborg, Miss Martian, Kid Devil, Raven and Bart Allen.

The Roster of the Terror Titans: Cassandra Cain aka Batgirl, Match, Bombshell, Kid Crusader, Inertia, Risk, Sun-Girl and Enigma.

That right there means a lot of team rivalries and should mean rival battles galore and we should be treated to a lot of them in this action packed animated movie.

Some really hard emotions strike in the movie that should be looked into both art and voice wise.

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