Monday, December 5, 2011

My Cast Monday: Poison Ivy

A character that i think deserves another live action shot, i think Uma Therman did well in her performance too bad the movie was less than the remarks i can say without being censored, although her methods are as realistically mad the environment is a big issue to her and to have her at full power in a live action movie is an awesome villain addition that we need to see.

Laura Prepon:
I think she's got what Poison Ivy is Eco-Friendly goal oriented and sexy with a kiss that you wont soon forget... since it will be your last. Laura is a choice of mine to portray the shy botanist turned radical environmentalist Poison Ivy.

Evan Rachel Wood:
 Evan already looks great to pull off the role physically but what i looked most into is her mentality, i think given the chance she can portray a crazy eco loving villain traumatized and angry that the world doesn't give anything about the very environment she is sworn to protect. A modern day mother nature turned against humanity to make sure her message gets across.

Uma Thurman:
Uma Thurman did what she could when she portrayed Poison Ivy and it was good, i felt there could have been so much more though and thus i say give her another chance under the direction of another director who is willing to see her go the full lengths of her ability to act like an extremists with a sick connection to nature itself.

Tina Fey:
Now i know you must be thinking i belong in Arkham Asylum although i do think Tina is a funny woman i think given the chance she can be  great worldly villain like Poison Ivy i mean she has the Pamela look to her just get her in green and let her Eco-psychosis run rampant and i think were all in for a surprise with her performance.

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