Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Think its time i went to the Marvel Universe Online

Little to none concrete info is known about the Marvel MMO all we know is that its Marvel and an MMO.... yeah i told you. Rejoice though my gaming brethren and sisteren i come breaking the concrete walls and slashing them to make sure there down, letting you guys know that two characters have been confirmed for the game.

Yes! Got to say Wolverine didn't shock me at all but Deadpool guys, cant wait to make a fourth wall breaking  assassin. I hope this game takes the "What not to do" book from DC Universe and improves on it right away so we don't have a repeat. I'm not sure if this game will follow the tutor system like in DCUO when you pick your character and make your powers.

  1. Game needs to be free right off the bat, we don't need to learn that people pay for it at first and then its magically free. They should work hard and make the game playable by as many people as possible.
  2. Marvel has TONS of story lines to choose from bring those into a game of this magnitude. Don't just slap on civil war and force us to choose sides, do this slow and steady, have us go through classic story lines first to get everyone into the game at a pace everyone can follow.
  3. If this game follows a mentor system we need a lot of people to be our mentors to give the game the my own hero feel i would need a lot of diversity to choose from.
Give you all one guess to who i want to see..... give up?

So far with the little information this is all i have but what about you guys? What do you want to see from the game? Characters and powers? 

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