Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi review


Oh come on did you really expect me to go through a whole DBZ game review and not mention the iconic moment of my blogs power level? Even Vegeta knows its awesome that says a lot. Aside from that my Saiyans and rare Saiyan women hows that power level? I'm going to be giving you a review of the new

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi for Playstation 3 and Xbox360.

The story is what you would expect from any anime based and Dragon Ball Z games, fly through the city and go through your favorite story lines from the anime we all grew up with. Examples are.... when Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien (No Chiaotzu  thank god.) fighting the Saibamen and leading into Godku saving the day... even writing it looks cheesy. As you venture more to the world you will be introduced to a new game play feature known as "Chase Sequences" in which case certain times you are required to race the enemy character and fire Ki blasts to slow them down... (Always said that's how the Hare could have beaten the Tortoise.) 

The game play is what you know (X,Y) are attack and (B) is to block charging up your Ki is key... alright I'll continue. Your arsenal of your special attacks which are preformed by clicking the right stick down or up, counters, quick time button press maneuvers, hit or miss beam counters and special ultimate attack guard,intercept or dodge (If you have no chi guess what... you'll be holding the full force of that ultimate attack.) Once you charge up enough ki and your opponent has his  takes you on a step up from the previous games in many great ways.

When you start out your battle your taken on a quick battle ride before your actual fight starts which is really bad ass and an awesome edition to the game play and pays homage to us nerds who love the series for the fights. Want to totally destroy a chunk of the world and wreck the environment? Of course you do this is DBZ/GT we love to wreck and blow sh!t up. "Impact Break" allows you to do just that, unleash your most powerful attack on your opponent and the earth itself as a small scene ensures you have started another global Kamaastrophic event... Oh well hope you won the fight at least. 

Your going to co bananas when you fight the super Caesar monkey's.

The Graphics are the shining point of this game even the flashbacks in the anime look crisp as hell and watching the anime again in that kind of light is what i would love to see in the future but with the graphics in this game superb. The voice acting is just how we would remember from the tv series which makes us hardcore fans feel right at home when listening to the dialogue.

On my verdict on whether or not its a Try, Buy, Or Shy:
  • Cant spam rage supers or ki blasts.
  • Start out with an awesome pre battle cutscene.
  • Story gets well known and repetitive to a point (Does it matter we all pretty much know what happens.)
  • Character roster is impressive including most of the characters we know and love.
  • Finding all seven Dragon Balls grants you a wish: 
  • Does not grant you all the achievements, more gamerscore or the sandwich i wanted.
  • Create a fighter is unique and makes the player feel at home in the DBZ universe.
  • Boss fights can be frustrating due to button presses and movements, takes getting used to no more no less.
  • Wish my created character had more items to work with, guess that's why we live in a DLC world.
  • Yet another DBZ game the unique features are great and all at the same time been done before, this time around its really cool, it should stop but still cool none the less.
My final verdict for this game....... TRY! Give this game all the anime based love you can give a game based on the greatest anime most of us started watching. I take back the bad things i said about this game having this game in my hands made a  believer out of me, it has its flaws but fans will gladly overlook them.

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