Tuesday, November 1, 2011

X-Men Destiny: Review

My fellow mutants and nerds I'm bringing you my review on X-men Destiny, Let's start out by introducing this game. You play as one of three newly discovered mutants Aimi Yoshida, Grant Alexander, and Adrian Luca. How do the three of them get themselves involved into the mess the game presents for you? 

  1. Aimi is a girl that was left behind by her father in a way to toughen her up and have her walk on her own two feet.
  2. Grant who is an up and coming football star knows nothing about politics or the war on mutants and humans.
  3. Adrian is the polar opposite of the other two, he was raised to hate mutants being apart of the force trying to eradicate them and was trained to be the perfect mutant killing machine to avenge his father due to his death being caused by a mutant.

The story of the game is what makes it shine Mike Carey writer of the X-Men: Legacy comics takes the story into his own hands. The way the game takes you, your at a mutant rally that is being attacked (Of course) so at that point your powers activate at that moment, not before you can choose which powers you want though:

  • Density Control: The ability to change your mass, for offensive purposes or defensive purposes.
  • Energy Projection: The ability to shoot energy to cut through enemies, cut through the nervous system to paralyze them, and defend your self with raw power.
  • Shadow Matter: The ability to craft the shadows into your weapons of pure offensive power, heightens your reflexes and gives crowds the right to be sliced up.  

You have a big choice ahead of you new mutant, the Brotherhood and the X-Men will be all around taking care of their own objectives and you will have to pick whether you want to do missions for say Surge or Quicksliver and you get factions which add up to your big choice of whether you want to join the X-Men or the Brotherhood.

I think its pretty obvious why i chose to side with the X-Men eh guys?:

The gameplay is what you would expect from a Marvel video game two button combo's mix it up for even more combos etc etc it's a really good gameplay game i will give it that. Throughout the game you will get 4 slots for all kinds of other abilities you can use from X-Men and characters from the Brotherhood ranging from all kinds of effects my personal favorite is the DPS i was able to add to my character.

The graphics are something i felt iffy about sometimes characters don't look all that right and mouth detail is lacking and seems like mouth's droop and the graphics fall apart at times. 

Now on my verdict on whether i think this game is a Try, Buy, or Shy:
  • X-Men in a game!
  • Choices to join the X-Men or The Brotherhood really make the story that much more enjoyable and add a lot of replay value.
  • The story feels new and makes adding the three new characters feel welcome without being there for a while.
  • Graphics could have been a little better, makes the game feel rushed.
  • Character voices are not what you would expect and should have been various voice actors from animated series, etc. 
  • Good but very limited story hopefully more will be added to the sequel(If there is one.) Other cameo's will be added hopefully.
  • Lack or no co-op, You could have easily tackled this game with a buddy and enjoyed all the fun together.
  • Short story can probably take a full day to beat it at least.
With all these facts and my final verdict i am going to give this game a..... TRY don't ride this game off if your a fan of the X-Men and Marvel, this game isn't the worst but no where near the best either. All these points are what sequels are for and these notes from fans they will take to heart and make sure to give us a better game. A lot of story elements now with a sequel can be added i would be expected to go through at least 4-5 X-Men storylines in game form. If all else fails maybe this could be a hint towards Marvel to bring back X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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