Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ninja Gaiden borrows elements from Dead or Alive.

Yosuke Hayashi insists the Dead or Alive series impacts the new sequel to Ninja Gaiden and wants it to be less violent then its predecessor and focus on a more drama and story based action setting, think of a movie but in Ninja Gaiden form starring Ryu Hayabusa...... as Ryu hayabusa. Instead of relying on his Obliteration Technique which normally left our foes splitting and twice as dead, we now have his rage or possibly an inner demon that he cant control to leave our enemies in our red aura... or more realistically a stain on our sword.

A new gameplay mechanic being added to Ninja Gaiden 3 will revolve around play styles to have new comers not wanting to break controllers to the wall if the game gets to be too much for them at first but at the same time shouldnt affect veterans who are used to gritting teeth and broken controllers. While making this game they have drawn a lot of inspiration from DOA its core gameplay could be integrated into Ninja Gaiden 3 making Dead Or Alive Ryu Hayabusa pro player "Emmanuel Master Rodriguez" some time to own in the adventure and in the fighting i can see izuna drops all day, Great damaging combos and that flair to the ninja that only the master can give.

I know that's your face Master don't play!

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