Thursday, November 24, 2011

Commander Shephard has seen his last days with Mass Effect 3


Wishing it wasn't over. Mass Effect veterans and new comers should already know who Commander Shephard is and the impact he's had on the series ever since the first game, His fight to save humanity will not be taken for granted and will be remembered for generations to come. The one thing we didn't account for was for his journey to end so soon, Mass Effect 3 will conclude Shephards story and will end with whatever direction they choose to bring the series end with the third installment.

Producer Michael Gamble put it as bluntly as i seen anyone say anything (Man doesn't work for Capcom he feels no need to troll.) “After this, Commander Shepard’s story is complete.” Adding more frosting on your tear baked lie cake, Gamble went on to add if they made other games Shephard would not be appearing in any of them at all. In my experience of being a gamer that is untrollable and knowing how to read when gaming producers try and lie this only means that Shephard is going to complete his mission or maybe flat out die. I hardly believe that this is set in stone for the series so don't worry guys normally when they close the book on one character they close the book on one character and introduce a new one its to keep the story going and have us wonder what if they interacted?

Look at Assassins Creed they have had two main characters Altair and Ezio they closed Altair and gave Ezio two more games only to have them both in the feature game exploring both there perspectives in sync, that's all this no more Shephard propaganda means honestly guys so dry your tears and let them think they've won for now.

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