Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Countless zombie action on a.... Dead Island... sure why not

If me being on vacation trying to relax soak in some sun and not think about how bad i have it... ZOMBIES! Damn it next year i am totally vacationing in Germany nothing bad happens in Germany right? To my Zombie slaying experts of the world enjoying your Dead Island extermination? Well I'm bringing the news that your journey only starts out and has not finished yet and there is more to it so sharpen your knives with the dark aura, charge up your plasma weapons and polish your swords were going back in!

Set to release November 22nd this DLC offers us an endless horde of undead killers who want to feast on your living parts, too bad they don't know whose going to show them your BOOMSTICK! or what your methods of killing are its up to you. Like the name suggests Bloodbath will have you killing an army of the undead in a total of four different areas, and lets not forget the gift of a new weapon *Zelda music* The Brain Wave Bomb which by its name I'm going out on a limb here (See what i did there.) and say it destroys the brains of the ones that feed on brains.

Since the DLC was supposed to come out for the games release, the studio decided to fine tune the bugs and glitches we complained about so that our DLC experience and gameplay will be smooth and bloody as ever.

With less than a week to wait all i can say is level up your weapons, call your friends and be prepared to fight the endless horde of the flesh eaters and remember to always go for head shots they save ammo.

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