Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whats you favorite thing about Comic Con?

Going to Comic Con in my hometown New York was always an event that i looked forward to every year, like going to a second home away from home of sorts. While interviewing cosplayers all around the convention and i always ask "Whats your favorite thing about Comic Con?" you would be surprised at some of the answers you would get. A lot of the obvious answers from the fellas was "The boobs, how hot the girls looked." etc same answer for the girls about the guys who cosplayed as shirtless characters. Other answers included the costumes now the sheer effort and time invested in their costumes and even weaponry if owned by the character.

A lot of the things i love about Comic Con also is its a place where you can be as loud and more of yourself than people know. Yelling at someone because there dressed up as a character you don't laugh is a major thing i do, the person laughs i laugh get my picture and move on. The jokes are taken in a humorous fashion and nothing more, its an unspoken rule that if you don the costume of your favorite character you accept the possible responsibility of fan rage. Being surrounded by people at comic con is like being surrounded by one big happy nerd family and sometimes the family nerd reunion of sorts.

Another great thing about any con is that you should always expect the unexpected, remember when i said its like a second home? Well you can pretty much do anything and everything that normally isn't acceptable in the "real world" and its normal to us all since we have the same interests and know what the hell your doing or talking about.

I didn't even mention the panels and all the video games that are there, being able to wait on line and play games that we see on the Internet in person is worth it in the long run. Meeting celebrities is also a major plus if you can wait for a long time and hold yourself a great spot on line, it may have been a hassle but seeing who want to see most makes up for it. All in all Comic Con and other cons in general are always the best way to spend the weekend if your a nerd,geek, gamer anything all are welcome in our house or convention center in other words. So as i end this i would like to say what i love most about New York Comic Con? Everything it represents to us as a community and how awesome the experience is i will be going to cons for years to come and then pass the legacy on to my lil Dark Phoenix children.


  1. Also bumping into your friends from the mall rat era is always awesome

    Glad you enjoying Comic con bro hope to see you there next year as i myself will be attending costumed up and all lol.

    Take care

  2. Hell yea bro!!! xD its always nice bumping into family =D