Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Korea gets all the good stuff -_-

Go, Go, Power Rangers you Mighty Morphin alien zeo turbo in space lost galaxy lightspeed rescue time force ninja storm dino thunder S.P.D. mystic force operation overdrive jungle fury RPM samurai power rangers!

Try and say that above phrase 3 times fast.

We live in an MMO world where WoW reigns supreme, other games like League of legends, runescape and even wizard 101 take up our time as the many MMO's we are offered in America. How about a Power Ranger MMO!? i know right Asian countries get all the great things. One thing about the Side-Scrolling action RPG is its being developed by IronNos the very same people behind Crimson Gem Saga on Psp.

Wondering which series will be represented in the MMO? Well i know this mystic force are the mascots for this game so its safe to say there in, the earliest series in japan was Jungle Force aka Wild Force in the U.S.A.  i'm seriously wondering about this game only because im hoping it features all the rangers from all the series because being an mmo we have to have as many unique takes on the rangers as we can right? No sure fire way to say if this game will even be released in america, hopefully they'll fine tune and make it the MMO we power ranger fans have been dreaming of.

With that raises another question will the zords be incorporated in anyway? i'm thinking Megazord and Ranger PvP.

My Ranger choices:

My zords of choice:

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