Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dance Central 2: Review

Whats going on dancers and gamers, MrDarkPhoenix here and i proudly present my review of Dance Central 2 is it the best game the Kinect has to offer? Is it everything we wanted in a sequel? Why am i asking you these questions, just continue reading.

Dance Central 2 the eccentric sequel to Dance Central for the Xbox Kinect and let me tell you what i consider this game to be GROWN UP DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, remember all the hours spent on DDR and then going to a dance and being awkward since you couldn't do the moves in real life? Dance Central has you moving, poppin locking, jerking and soulja boyin it up on the dance floor aka your living room.

What Dance Central 2 brings to the table is the same core gameplay the first one is famous for, follow the dance cards/ the moves showed to you and you get a score of miss,almost,nice and flawless to score points and stars added to your final score. You dance your self into fun as you follow everything to the T, what happens though if you cant tackle your favorite song head on? This is why gaming gods made the training mode.

One of my absolute favorite features in Dance Central 2 is the Break it Down feature and all the added perks they added to it like the voice control that you can use to "Xbox Slow Down" "Xbox Speed Up" "Xbox Previous" which basically means if your struggling with a move you can tell your Xbox to slow down the move so you can get a better grasp of it, once you have a better understanding the speed up feature takes you back to normal speed and you can try it out officially, finally the previous option allows you to go back to a move if your not satisfied and want to give it another go.

Something else you can practice on after completing break it down is practicing the moves you failed in the session so you don't have to do everything over again you can focus on your weak spots and improve on them. In other cool feature news all the songs are unlocked from the start and all difficulties so you can play whatever song you want on easy if your new or hard if your a veteran at the series.

A much desired Co-op mode is now added to the features of Dance Central 2 and its awesome! Remember when you had to separately dance battle and players had to be tagged separately? well now both of us can be dancing side by side in this new addition to the games mechanics and its so great they took the improvements fans wanted and incorporated them into the game.

Oh wait i forgot to answer the most important question! Dance Central 1! Ok so in order to import your track list from Dance Central's you need the code from the original game and 400msp and bam, plus as an added bonus you get all the songs upgraded with the Dance Central 2 features that i mentioned above so what are you waiting for? Get dancing co-op to Poker Face!

On now to the final verdict of whether its a Try, Buy, or Shy:
  • Improved original to sequel mechanics.
  • Tracklist include artists such as Lady Gaga, Willow Smith, Montell Jordon, Mary J. Blige, Bruno Mars, and Missy Eliot.
  • Break it down focuses on your weak spots to easily master songs with practice and determination.
  • Voice features to tell your xbox what to do in break it down.

With all the respect in the world for Harmonix i am telling you this game is a...... BUY!! Get a Kinect and enjoy everything this game offers and share the joy with your friends.

One last thing i feel like i have to add are my personal pics for DLC in the future:
  1. Lady Gaga - Judas, Telephone
  2. BoA - Energetic, I did it for love, Eat you up
  3. Pretty Ricky - Grind with me
  4. Bobby Valentino - Tell me
  5. T.A.T.U. - All the things she said
  6. Hyper Crush - Candy Store
  7. The Electric Slide
  8. Sade - Smooth Operator
  9. Jason Derulo - Dont wanna go home
  10. Ke$ha - Tik Tok, Blah blah blah

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