Thursday, October 13, 2011

A new incentive to buy Green Lantern on DvD... For Fears sake

I didnt think i can figure any of the costumes that would be featured in Batman: Arkham City and they just took my fear and gave it form. For those of you that buy Green Lantern on Blu-Ray will be treated to an over the top awesome costume that i hadnt even thought they would think to put into a game.

SINESTRO CORPS BATMAN RISES! The incentive that makes us buy the Green Lantern movie on blu-ray is these new duds they give to him, remember when batman was on the Sinestro Corps because they knew him as the embodiment of fear? now the whole story mode will know that they should fear you. Sadly though the costume is only confirmed on PS3 (Should change by the time New York Comic Con rolls around, dont worry guys i will be asking alot of questions regarding pretty much every blog i have done regarding the Arkham City subject.

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