Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A new Femme Fatale joins the city... what a Bat-chelor

All this news of Arkham City before the games release has gotten me seeking help from my nerd urges of exploding, so many character introductions, story elements, character devolopment and all of the above make this to be quite possibly the greatest game ever for comic book fans. With great power that we know Batman has there comes a time when we have to realize Batman is still a man and has needs and urges. For as long as i've been reading the comics (pretty long time now.) Only two women have had that affect on the Batman: Catwoman aka Selina Kyle and Talia Al Ghul the daughter of one of his greatest enemies Ra's Al Ghul.

With Talia in the mix now you think that its going to be something easy for Batman? Yea having the mother of your child in the same vicinity as your lust partner Catwoman might be something we could all be treated to of sorts. While Batman thought he had to deal with just his normal rouges gallery now he's got to deal with all kinds of emotions and different angles that will test his mental strength.

What does this mean?! Hell the kiss and Talia's involvment in Arkham City? If Talia is involved you think Rocksteady might be pulling far from the storylines and involve the son of the bat! I wont lie if they add Damian i would lose it. Rocksteady has claimed we havent even seen a fraction of the full gallery of people that want the head of the Batman, so why not have a daughter and son team up against Batman.

I'm thinking that this whole idea behind Arkham City is Hugo Strange's ultimate back up plan to get rid of the Batman and the villains also. Think about this you gather all the villains iin one one place who all have superiority complex's who would eventually take each other out, now Batman comes and they all have the common goal of taking out the Bat and cant share the glory so they take each other and Batman out and thus cleansing Gotham City of both its major problems making Hugo Strange the hero in his own twisted right.

With the rouges gallery increasing as the games time to release is decreasing i still have my concerns and wonders about who else could make the appearance to make the Batman possibly lose his sanity. Let's play a game i like to call Batmans 7 deadly sins:








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