Friday, October 14, 2011

Avengers Assemble!.... In the movie only though

Minor Spoilers you have been warned!!! Most Games based off of Marvel and there movies get game adaptations some have been good (X-men Origins Wolverine) Some have been been awful (Spider-Man 3) and some have the potential to be the greatest depending on whose behind the project. Activision and Raven Software should come together and rack up the inspiration from story lines and makes us an avengers game that gives more hype for the movie. One of the key things to making a great video game based off a movie is to have a smart and hardworking staff, knowledgeable people, and Marvel behind you every step of the way to make the project an instant success.

Like i said in the disclaimer there may be spoilers within this article especially with the next images, you have been warned again and enjoy:

That's a good Skrull, don't try to attack daddy again. 
I stopped.... Guess what time it is?

Thor said another!! *Slams drink*

Whether or not the game has really been cancelled or a studio just hasnt taken up the rights to touch the subject is up in the air in my opinion, i think with the buzz surrounding the avengers Marvel should find a video game company willing to take the Avengers into the video game world, and hopefully be great enough to be seen alongside the movie and its hype.

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