Friday, October 28, 2011

Marvel Needs to make The Infinity Gauntlet into an animated movie

Thought you saw enough death on DBZ? Well Thanos takes the whole cake for mass murdering heroes in a single comic series, Onslaught and him should compare body counts sometime…. Phrasing? Let’s see how I can make this an interesting animated movie:

My classic M-rating stamp has returned in full force fans, sorry kid’s death is never G-rated.

Let Thanos and his powers combine: Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality and Power… With these powers combined he is…. Going to kill half the Marvel world and then some…. That’s not how it goes is it?

Like I mentioned before there will be a lot of fights and a lot of death so long fight scenes are an understatement.

Thanos slicks his hair back and tries to win the affections of death; yea I know what I said the extra deadly entity and Thanos is trying to put the movies on her.

So to impress her Thanos puts on a show with the Marvel heroes when they think they’re going to prevail Thanos trolls and wipes them out with one hand with his power glove… phrasing?

They made another version written by Brian Clevinger and drawn by Brian Churilla that basically added new characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and Doctor Doom fighting Thanos to make things easier let’s just add these elements into one awesome movie.

Thanos enslaved a lot of things and caused a lot of destruction where dark environment drawings to tell the tale of what’s lost and what we can’t get back.

Thanos was a really tough baddie for the Marvel world that left them battered and beaten as a whole united universe, incorporating that into an animated movie may be tough but with the right people behind the project I would gladly add this to my animated movie collection.

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