Thursday, September 15, 2011

Only minus III and that makes VII... But X is just as good

Well its happened in a sense gamers, With Final Fantasy reaching its Xth (Get it?) anniversary soon Square Enix dropped the meteor and announced that the beloved Final Fantasy X will be getting a much needed HD Remake on both the PS3 and the PSVita.

I'm not going to hold anything back! I AM MORE THAN EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! Not only does this give homage to another Final Fantasy series favorite but this also opens the portable door to almost a lot more of the gaming community like myself who were skeptical about the vita and need more concrete reasons to buy it. One of the early things i said about the Vita was i hope it has some kind of ps2 playability in its library, I'm about going to the past to go to the games i either never played or want to go relive down Spira road.

Loving everything about this as much as i am? Still have that burning question in your mind? I think we both have it in mind lets have pictures speak louder than our words.... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE?!

Sorry i broke the louder than my words promise.
Despite what people think i have a gut feeling that Square Enix is holding this up there sleeves along with information regarding this. Take a look at the clue Final Fantasy X gets both a portable and system remake? With the announcment of the Vita Sony needs hot titles to sell the title like little materia fused hot cakes. So tell me how much fan hype would a fully remastered HD remake of Final Fantasy 7 on the vita and the ps3 do? I tell you i would run down to the store and get my ps3 and or vita in advance so i don't have to worry about them selling out in time. This is a great announcment for Square Enix and i am for one glad and cant wait and hope for other HD Final Fantasy games *Coughs* Kingdom Hearts HD Remakes would be appreciated also. Hold out guys Kingdom hearts (3)D is paving the way for Kingdom Hearts 3 just a hunch after all.

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