Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marvel should make Apocalypse vs. Dracula into an animated movie

Although just a 4 part miniseries doesn’t the idea of Dracula and Apocalypse not intrigue you at all reader? Well let me explain why this would be a great candidate for an animated movie.

You know what comes first what? Say it with me *Chants* M rating M rating, Dracula drinks the censors blood like it was water and apocalypse well beats the blood out of people so how can you not let loose and let the blood spill? Literally get some in a glass because Dracula gets thirsty.

Dracula and Apocalypse go at it so we got to make sure the fight scene is worthy of this kind of animated adaptation.

The story starts out with Hamilton Slade and Dracula at the highlight of their rise and inevitable power trip as they brutally kill Kabar Brashir along with a lot of other people; I mean seriously whose going to go up against Dracula? Buffy couldn’t save them and Blade wasn’t alive yet.

Somehow possibly off screen apocalypse kills Dracula, adding some more story element to this would be awesome to shine light on for the fans. Maybe give us more of a reason to how they interacted in the first place both of them being immortals isn’t a reliable story element.

Give some back story and cameo love to possibly some other characters that would be in the time period, since the series was so short they can add their own elements into it think of it as a story/sequel of sorts depending on how they route new story elements.

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