Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nolan Verse Batman Villians that could

Poison Ivy:

Christina Hendricks:

Now I know Poison Ivy is super natural villain who wouldn’t fit into a darker real life film, I hope these points make it easier to have you think differently.

First I would like to say that first and foremost Pamela Isley is a plant loving extremist eco terrorist but what she’s doing can it really be considered bad? (Hold on to that question.)

Eric McDavid a green anarchist and vegan is a real life eco-terrorist, being convicted of crimes against the environment. Those ideals and his ecoanarchism mentality make how he went about something he was passionate about in just the dark tone we need to look over. He and his partners had bomb plans, plans to sabotage the Nimbus Dam and fish hatchery. Their plots mainly involved property damage of harmful environmental atrocities.

With that in mind how dark can Chris Nolan go with Poison Ivy in a dark knight movie? Darker than a lot of places you wouldn’t go. Think about the mental breaking points Batman has made in the past: Scarecrow pushed the limits of what you’re afraid of, Ra’s al Ghul pushed his limits for the sake of what needs to be done to save the world, The Joker does what he does best and pushes how far you will go in literally every sense, New villain Catwoman will push his means of lust and putting his duty before his possible love since Rachel died, and the big man Bane himself pushes the Batman to his psychical back breaking point.

What Poison Ivy represents is a great means to be represented on film; she fights for the environment, the plants, and nature that can’t fight back she takes up the mantle to be nature’s savior.

Poison Ivy will stop at nothing to defend her plants and the environment, so instead of using the blow things up approach let’s take her expertise of Botany and Toxicology into affect here, crimes based off various poisons and toxic materials. Bombs yes but releasing a poisonous gas, explosions yes  but spores that affect the nervous system Toxicology is limitless and so should her options. What better way to get your point across then with an everlasting affect of poison?

Another thing a real life Poison Ivy would have is access and knowledge of blue prints, bomb making, and a lab to work in for her crimes to take full effect.

Her trademark immunity to toxins, bacteria, and viruses should be implemented because it’s more a part of her character than the ability to control plants. Her poison kiss is part of her game also, her learning curve and descent into madness should be taken into full force in this kind of dark movie, her realizing after her accident that the world never took her seriously or the environment so she takes it upon herself with her new found prowess and resources to make the world listen to the damaging eco system.

Taking her crimes to power plants, towers, and dams, Batman will have to answer the most damaging question of all “What is the limit between right and wrong with Poison Ivy?” since Ivy fights for her plants is Batman really going to push forward in pursuing her or feel his human side come into play as the Dark Knight? Since the enviornment is a serious problem what will Batman do to aprehend someone whose passionate about her goals of eco equality.

Her arsenal in a real life movie should include: Toxins, viruses and possible eco friendly weapons. How far you can go is limitless; she would be portrayed as her own twisted life incarnate of Mother Nature.

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