Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a bird, its a plane, its a free super hero MMO

That's true i was the next legend... sad thing was my legacy wasn't about to play this game for $15 a month, releasing in January the MMORPG by DC Comics received mixed reviews and was iffy with fans. Although the recent news that the game will now be free to play online has got me getting my tights and tighty redies and ready to take on the evil that plagues the world, oh wait... Flashpoint! i'm totally wearing pants now.

Aside from the fact that both PS3 and PC users can now download and play the game for free is a possible Flashpoint in itself, good job on rebooting the game also so it can be beloved for us gamers that don't have the Bruce Wayne funds to afford the monthly fee. Hold on though while the game will be completely free to play as of October there will be certain levels:

As the title says new players can play the game to its fullest all the levels and raids you can handle. With some restrictions though you can only create two characters, limited inventory slots, and the amount of money you can have. (Even though picking the free play through all the above can be purchased in game so no worries.)

Have you spent at least $5 whether its in game content or the old subscription fee? Basically your able to make more characters, carry more items, and have a lot more money in your virtual pocket.

Feeling immune to kryptonite? i like your determination legendary takes the spot of the $14.99 monthly fee, in this package gamers are treated to instantly obtaining any and all DLC first and even better free. Fifteen character slots and more item slots and unlimited leagues make this worth it..... and more.....

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