Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gears fest is here to stay for the season... do you need a pass?

Like any other shooter on the market i know you didn't think it was going to over on the DLC "Cole"train, Epic games has since announced new DLC for there hit Gears Of War 3. The form of DLC is coming to us in both offline and online packages, meaning the story will possibly be expanded for the new pack (Of course probably explaining more along what other characters were doing.) What does this have to do with you reader? just think your going to buy all the DLC when it comes out and your good? well rev up your lancer and re think that soilder you're better than this.

With the first map coming to consoles in November and the others stated as being split up over the course of next year like the Matrix sequels. Gamers who wish to get the season pass are looking at a 2400Microsoftpoint.gif price tag, gotta say thats not bad depending on the content were getting for a multiplayer map alone should be something like 800 points making the four so far announced packs without the season pass 3600Microsoftpoint.gif not a bad deal i say. Although we dont know what they mean by "pack" a pack can come with more than one multiplayer map and extra story content making it an even bigger bayonet for your retro lancer. Maybe they can add a nice zombie map or something to the horde or beast modes.

Cant wait (Forced) to see what they have in store for us in these next coming months in the terms of DLC come November we'll see something though i leave you all with my name suggestions for DLC packs for Gears Of War:

Gears of War: Locust and Damned
Gears of War: Broken Cleaver
Gears of War: Carmine must live
Gears of War: Arcade edition 2013
Gears of War: Operation Jacinto
Gears of War: Azura Myrrah 
Gears of War: Ephyra lookout

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