Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look at those ears!

Fan complaints over Anne Hathaway and the way she wore the DEMO of the full Catwoman outfit in The Dark Knight Rises due out in theaters and IMAX July 20th, 2012. The main complaints were "Where are her ears?!" I found it funny that there were such troll faces and rage due to the fact that they wouldn't reveal the full Catwoman suit for a lot of reasons mainly since the film hasn't gotten to the point of Anne in the real deal yet, second when the pictures were first released the movie still had a good 8+ months and everyone was expecting the full suit.

Ok again folks this is only the possible middle of the movie at best so don't start flaming this also and start
asking questions you have to wait for.

Although i will calmly bring up and mention the hair sticking out and the missing claws, this might be the part where she realizes she wants to be Catwoman and adds the ears and something else happens and she covers up her hair or even cuts it since it may get in the way. I'm aware of your transition guessing game Nolan I'm not that easy to troll and confuse!.

I'm guessing this is what the final close to release or surprise to see in movies suit will look like, claw a realistic look that Nolan wants and we have our selves a full suit for Catwoman.

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