Friday, September 30, 2011

I keep saying people dont really die in Resident Evil

Milla was seen tweeting "Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr & Michelle Rodriguez are coming in THIS WEEKEND to start work on Monday!It's all happening!" Now wait i know that confused look anywhere (Yea i can see it through my blog.) Reprising there rolls as Jill Valentine(battle suit), Carlos Oliveria, and Rain all make there grand returns in the fifth resident evil live action film. I'm fully aware that both Carlos and Rain are considered dead, think about this though remember Super Mario Bros. 2...  IT WAS ALL A DREAM! could you imagine that? I would but mayhem and chaos follow those bad thoughts.

We know Jill is coming back as her Resident Evil 5 battle suit, Rain and Carlos i would be interested to see come back i mean there dead but if you've played the games and know Resident Evil like i do you know no one stays dead well at least for long i mean look at Wesker, living.. well living/dead/??? proof that people can not and will not die for the right reasons.

Cant wait to see Wesker come back and control Jill and have a possible rematch with Alice and her possible clones.

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