Monday, October 3, 2011

My Cast Monday: Death Note (USA)

I think with so much story and so many characters it should be split up into two separate movies, all the characters are here from the first L arc.

Who Should Direct Death Note USA?
Christopher Nolan has more than proven the depths he can take a franchise as much into real life as possible, so why the hell not?! Death Note in his hands would be the movie presentations for both fans and newcomers alike. Let Nolan watch the anime and with his great mind he would more than be able to direct a masterpiece out of it. I also think he deserves to explore the dark romance between a sweet girl and a psycho, think he needs to test how to test that in film since he isn't able to now.

F. Gary Gray:
Aside from directing the excellent film Law Abiding Citizen, which i completely believe to be Death Note in a way. I think with research on the show he can test his range on how far he can go in his mind with Law Abiding Citizen proving that he can go the lengths of an ordinary citizen doing what he feels is right why not take Death Note which follows the same principles? 

Light Yagami:

Zac Efron: 
Oh no its controversy how dare i? Well i'm one of the "crazy ones" that think Zac should be given a chance to Play Light, why because i think he would know what to do. Just because he spent most of his career being in High School Musical that doesnt mean he can only act that as an actor you are open and willing to do more and be more, and since Zac himself has stated that he wants to do more darker and mature roles i think this would be a perfect example for Zac to step out into the world and show us just how dark and far his acting range is. Anyone remember when the world thought another actor couldnt tackle a high end role? Also Come on he looks like Light for Ryuk's sake!

Chase Crawford:
Another actor who looks the part of Light and given the right director and team can also give Light some good american representation on film, besides Zac of course i think these should be the top two contendors for the role. Heck give em both a shot and let them try out whats the harm right?


Gaspard Ulliel:
Looking for someone twisted who can take on the role of L? I say look no further than the man your looking at now. Gaspard played Hannibal Lector.... twisted enough to play L and give the detective some more added flavor? I think he would defidently bring something fresh and new to an american L given the direction of the right director.

Misa Amane:

Hayden Panettiere:
Need a talented actress who happens to be blonde to play Misa, Hayden bring the fact that she's cute to the table but i want to test out her ability to be a love struck psycho willing to make her man happy no matter what. Hayden i believe will have no problem portraying the role in my opinion i know she has the range but lets see how dark her role can get.

Emma Roberts:
If you saw Scream 4 then you know exactly how dark Emma can go in a role, i think she would put a darker spin on Misa that we would expect she had , plus she's also cute and can completly play the role of a character that is "evil" Her portrayal of Misa would be one no one could forget i'm certain.

Ryuk (Voice Over)

Kevin Richardson:
 Voicing Joker in the animated series The Batman, that alone proves he can voice a psychotic character with a bit of humor attached. Ryuk is exactly that and should be voiced by someone that has as much range as Kevin does.

Rem (Voice Over)

 Tara Strong:
Has done a variety of voices during her carrer making her a voice artist, finding the right tone and pitch for Rem would not be hard for Tara in the slightest.


Michael Caine:

Soichiro Yagami:

Gary Oldman:

Sayu Yagami:

Michelle Trachtenberg:

Touta Matsuda:

Jerry Trainor:

Zach Braff:


Daniel Gillies:


Lyndsy Fonseca:

Raye Penbar:

Ben Affleck:

Leigh Whannel:

Naomi Misora:

Ashley Greene:

Kiyomi Takada:

Erica Durance:

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