Thursday, September 1, 2011

Death Note Re-writes i would like to see

As an advent and hard core Death Note fan there have always been questions that plagued my mind, so like a lot of other series lets put them in a What If? Category:

What if Light had defeated Near in the end??

One of the most controversial topics amongst Death Note fans, i personally feel this would be the best re-write to get done since the question still eats away at me to this day. I can tell you one thing though the world would have been thrust into complete and utter chaos since Light would have won both Misa and Mikami would be alive, with lights vision for a true world two devoted followers and one of them with the shinigami eyes and another who would get them again if asked those factors and with no one else to possible stop them i think the chaos filled rewrite would be the best one in the series.

What if Near died instead and Mello Defeated Light??

Something else i wondered while i watched Death Note i liked Mello's approach to following through with his plans Shoot first and ask questions later. Would love to see the direction they go to if we can see what Mello would have done, what steps he would have taken to defeat Light. Since Mello is more emotional than Near do you think it would have been possible? or would Near's death have clouded his judgement enough to get him there and wait things out?

What if Misa pulled a 360 and she beat Near?!
Yeah i know right? I can imagine it i am i guess a rare few that believes Misa is actually pretty smart when push comes to shove, not as smart as Light, Mikami, Near or even Mello but what she lacks in all those smarts deep down she knows a very important factor, let Light do all the hard stuff while she's in the background possibly with Mikami and they plan the ultimate plan. Why would they go against Light you ask? maybe they smartened up and realized half your lifespan or twice your lifespan in Misa's case isn't enough since we pledged our lives to you and all you is use us. I would love to see how Misa would do if she came into the room during the final showdown handed Mikami a page from her Deathnote before hand everyone except Light dies and the world is there's.

What if Light had the Shinigami Eyes to begin with?
A question Ryuk himself asked Light and refused, what if Light agreed to the deal though? Maybe with the death eyes he could have gotten more accomplished? Would like to see the vision and story they would put behind this re-write, mainly because if Misa already has hers and they would have been a force to be reckoned with. What do you think Light would do with the Shinigami Eyes?

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  1. All awesome what ifs but for a re-write in all directions would have to re-write most if not all of the original canon. The reason why Near beat light is because after L, Light lost his touch. He started getting cocky and which is bound to happen seeing how Ryuk said that the Death Note has major effects on the human psych. Having Mello beat Light would lead to a shorter show seeing how he was shoot first ask questions later making it very Anti-climactic. Misa was still alive actually you saw her at the end of the show riding the train. The Misa connection seemed to be the only one that would work, but only if the police wouldn't have sent her away plus she lost all her memory of the Death Note like Light told her too so she could hide from the cops investigating them.