Friday, September 2, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ideas

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a breath of fresh air to my nerd side, since it seemed they weren’t making X-men legends I had withdrawal and fictional antsall over my body! Then Marvel Ultimate Alliance saved me from that as I played the game I loved the interaction with the universe, the game play and the story took me and said “You’re a hero now solider.” Didn’t want to disappoint my cause so I took on the role of the large roster and went on my way and defeated Dr. Doom from achieving god hood… yet again.

Then Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 came out, I honestly felt it lacked what the first one started as an ultimate alliance the evil should be large enough for the roster to be united against the ultimate evil. Don’t get me wrong going with the civil war story line wasn’t a bad idea of sorts but the entire game was based on the one storyline… not sure what’s ultimate about the alliance if we’re going to be split down the middle and against mainly each other. What it should have been was a level from the story and a step towards the bigger picture.

What are the chances of a third one you ask? Well I’m here to save and bring some story lines from Marvel and villains that can help move this forward:

Onslaught and Onslaught reborn:

Now that’s what I’m talking about when you say Marvel Ultimate Alliance, literally taking the entire roster and more to take down this ultimate threat this is the kind of reason we need to unite our heroes and villains against this ultimate evil. Franklin Richards would have to be playable for the whole game if need be he needs some video game representation.

Age of Apocalypse:

Remember X-Men Legends when Mr. Sinister sabotaged the machine for apocalypse and was hinted to be the villain in possible 3rd X-men legends? How about we scratch that and just make it cross over into another reason for all the heroes to gather together and save the world, wouldn’t be the first time Apocalypse has battled the marvel roster.

World War Hulk:

Since we went the Civil War route why not go the action packed battle Hulk story line… I know I’m scared to. World War Hulk proved to us all Hulk is a threat that can’t be dealt with in any way you ship him to a peaceful planet he goes to a war planet to the point of near god hood, only to come back to earth and define Marvel Ultimate Alliance as it takes nearly everyone to try and stop Hulk in a game I think he would have SNK Boss syndrome though.

The Infinity Gauntlet:

Briefly mentioned in Marvel Ultimate Alliance as a threat against your choice to free Odin or not, now I think it’s time we battle Thanos and his infinity gems head on with the Ultimate Alliance behind us what can go wrong? I mean the gems he possesses have the power to enslave earth but its ok he’ll be stopped just put some gaming elbow grease into it.

Red Hulk:

After you beat Hulk why not be treated to the story that bred new life to a Red Hulk, Red She Hulk, and a new abomination who wouldn’t want to fight red hulk as a team of x-force and make the fight happen again like in the comics.

The Dark Phoenix Saga:

My Favorite story line involving my favorite character (How can you guess since my gamer tag and everything is MrDarkPhoenix) Dark Phoenix has caused a lot of commotion between the X-men but with help from entire universe why not have them think they can take down the Phoenix Force.

Champion of the universe:

Not a story line really but a character that hits hard, is vastly powerful, summons the marvel heroes to fight against him only to throw in the fact that he’s a cosmic level character that takes a lot of effort to defeat him, I’m already scared of this guys stats in a game.

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