Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Broke the Bats back now your.... working together?!

I guess the phrase “Forgive and forget” has its merit even the comic book world, first you break the back of your foe then you fight alongside him. Taking us on even more missions where Batman and Bane work together for a greater cause. While I’m pretty sure Batman wont enjoy this, really sure Bane wont either but if there fighting for the same cause why the heck not right? So far the story if you haven’t been caught up DC has been making follow up comics that bridge the gaps between Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City, where does this bring about the team up you ask? Well chapter 5 was all about Bane and his fight club he hosted to find strong opponents. Things went awry when one of the combatants got all jacked up on Chris Redfield juice… I mean Titan serum.

So add the fact that Bane and his own serum are responsible for the titan serum and then multiply that by more people taking it, now minus the fact that Bane and Batman are going to work together and stop any more and be a Brains and Muscle tag team and you have an equation of epic proportions.

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