Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What fans are expecting from The Avengers

I know I am not the only nerd thinking/ over thinking possible Avengers stuff right? You can hide it if you want but I’m not I am true to my nerd heritage, I’m mainly thinking a couple of things FIRST AND FOREMOST THIS MOVIE HAS TO BE AT LEAST TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG!. Wouldn’t be the first time you’ve heard me say this readers and I do say it a lot want to know why? Because I’m a sucker for long thought out action and story sequences, effort goes a long way when trying to make a movie whether it’s animated or live action.

HULK NEEDS TO FIGHT THOR! Like any other meeting the avengers have it normally ends with Hulk acting crazy and going into a rage and takes the entire Avengers team to put him down so this should be incorporated into the movie at all costs its one of the top things I am personally expecting besides the 2hr plus run time.

Our avengers have the chance to show the world that comic book movies have a place in the cinema world as a huge success; the only thing that can ruin things is the run time. Think about all the hype The Avengers is getting think all the possibilities you have for the movie then have Marvel smack all those dreams away by listing it as a 1:30min movie tag, would not be there smartest move with the year of information we still have waiting.

CAMEOS!? Rumors have it Loki will be joined by the Skrulls and Thanos as the villains in The Avengers movie, a likely idea but I believe Thanos wouldn’t appreciate being a rookie team villain more along the lines of a sequel and more organized team villain. The Skrulls take my vote because as all comic buffs know Loki makes deals all around the Marvel world as a shady character so I think cameos may be in order but from who?

Magneto: Take someone who wants equality from the world mixed in with Loki’s power and the cosmic cube think they may be giving the Avengers a run for their money.

Dr. Doom: Now this I would love to see because it wouldn’t be the first time Doom and Loki teamed up, Doom also has a lot to offer for a movie of this caliber especially since he has been at odds with Thor, and Iron Man the list of avengers is too long to list.

Abomination: More along the lines of sidekick instead of main team player but with Hulk on the team Loki will find out he needs more muscle in order to deal with such beings as Hulk, his brother Thor may be a god in his own right but Hulk is in his own category depending on the direction of the movie Loki will learn that fist hand.

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