Thursday, September 8, 2011

Characters i would like to see in Dissidia Final Fantasy:

Genesis Rhapsodos:

I mean the fact that he's a sword wielding, magic using bad ass voiced by Gackt what more else do you want? Oh wait the ONE BLACK WING sorry i forget the little awesome things sometimes.


Ok so her sword style, dress sphere combos, and full throttle attacks make her more than enough to handle for any combatant in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Her alt costume to die for!

Gunner Yuna from X-2:

Very different from her X summon form gunner yuna offers alot more of a unique style to game play with her guns and also her dress sphere's. Plus she was the star of Final Fantasy X-2 so she should be up there with the main heroes anyway.


Come on you thought i was going to add Y and P without R? Now that's just rude to the speed demon of the YRP trio, who with her daggers, fighting ability and dress spheres would be a great addition to Dissidia.


You played FFX right...? well you know how words are enough for our samurai defense piercing warrior Auron should be in the game, If you haven't played X then you should play it and realize all the power he has once he joins your party.

Vincent Valentine:

Yes!! Everyone's favorite red caped crusader is more than on my list. Gun expert, Demon forms, magic, and a spawn cape prove more than anything how awesome Vincent is and needs a spot in a fighting game for final fantasy.

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