Friday, September 9, 2011

Is it possible for a comic book movie to bring in new readers to the series?

Going to a comic book store is a nerd’s basic house of recognition of knowledge, fun and sometimes serious vs. topics, comparisons and just a good time all around, what does it mean to me if I read the comics and see that someone is looking at the same comic? I read the comics already but I over hear the other person saying to his friends “I saw the movie only.” I think it’s great personally doesn’t matter the outcome as long as they saw a great comic book based movie and want to read the comics to learn even more about the character, story, etc.

A lot of people disliking Watchmen were very distressing to me only because it wasn’t one of those movies that they couldn’t follow to the T from the hardcore comic fans. Despite that I think if the people read the graphic novel first or saw the movie again after reading it whether they hated it still or not pretty sure they would say “It follows the book perfectly.”
Quite possibly the best straight from novel comic book movie.

Other comic friendly starters like X-men, Thor, Captain America, and even Blade got Marvel on the shelves due to these movies that were well made. Someone seeing the characters live on the screen may tempt them to read the same characters on the page us comic buffs have known and loved. All in all it’s a good and better strategy for companies like Marvel and DC to make their live action experiences so great they bring out new nerds and make us already nerds happy.

I mean who would be interested in a comic book if the movie wasn’t good? Not a lot of people were reading up on the lesser or not so good movies because the seats in the theatres weren’t impressed with what they saw, thus making what they can read not even worth it at all. The usual nerds are either born or impressed with what’s live in front of their faces now a days, so why not make their first impression a memorable one?

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