Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Resident Evil 5 movie... Who can we expect to see?

With the announcment of the Resident Evil 5 the movie i was very skeptical of the news due to how i felt about Resident Evil: Afterlife. Aside from it being rushed, adding to many elements not ready for the film , having Chris and Claire on screen together but due to the fact that claire had amnesia she couldnt even interact with her brother at all. The things i can point out thats wrong with Afterlife can go on for days so i digress.

Alice Played by Milla Jovovich is beyond set to reprise her role as Alice, Sienna Guillory reprises her role as Jill Valentine, with the end of Afterlife hinting that sh!t has hit the fan and Battle Suit Jill is ready to lay the smack down on Alice, Chris and Claire. Cant wait to hopefully see more fight scenes that weren't shown in Afterlife, and a more well thought out story. Not sure if there adding in other Resident Evil characters would be hard seeing Leon pop out so suddenly with the rumors of him being dead in the movies, and no means of back story or mentioning him at all.

All we can hope for from Paul W.S. Anderson has learned from Afterlife and going to give us a new movie experience with more information coming to us later and a September 14th, 2012 release all we can do is wait and see what were in store for next year.

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