Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Austin Powers 4!?!..... NO BABY!!!

Just when you think Hollywood cant sink any less always remember my quote. “With no original ideas come unwanted sequels.” Don’t get me wrong I love Austin Powers all the movies are superbly made and redefined my love of sex puns like Dixie Normus. I’m not going to lie with the announcement of the new one looking at how Gold Member ended I’m not sure what direction they would go in since Seth Green took over as the new “Dr. Evil” taking over the mantle of his father.

With no info about a cast besides Mike Myers and no word on the story as of yet guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this can turn out. I would rest easier if they let some movie franchises stay at the highest pinnacle when they end but hey a reliable writing staff can make wonders for any movie as long as they keep the things that made Austin Powers what it is. Stay tuned for more info as I see it happening and will let you all know immediately.

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