Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marvel Needs to Make Marvel Zombies Vs. Army Of Darkness into an animated movie.

Oh that's right readers i have went there! One of the best crossover events involving our favorite Marvel Heroes and Villains and zombies was a combination i couldn't help but get sucked into and enjoyed reading till the end. This being the first story lets go through the key things that can make this an awesome visual treat for us all.

Again guys as you all know this gets my 2hr timestamp why? because 1 i love to see Marvel animated movies, 2 i feel that anyone watching certain story lines in movie form should at least have some form of knowing what there in for plus it takes care of basic character/story elements for future sequels.

Blood and Gore sorry kids you all must hate me because these movies aren't family friendly especially Marvel Zombies vs Army Of Darkness.

Ash from The Evil Dead franchise makes a direct cameo through the whole story (Don't ask me how Marvel Pulled that out.) Ash believes the zombie infection is a result of his old friends the Deadites, and so he does his duty and shows the primitive screw head Marvel zombies "THAT'S HIS BOOM STICK!". Ash makes a lot of direct contact with Marvel characters and would be awesome if he interacted with Deadpool at least once.

Speaking of zombie Deadpool i think its only fair we should keep him around for a really long time, one of the things i felt that was missing from Marvel zombies was the Resident Evil, 28 Weeks Later, zombie jokes Deadpool would be making through the whole adventure.

A lot of emotional stress and feeling needs to be put into this movie animated yes but it needs to feel like a real emotional roller coaster for the scenes that don't involve flesh eating and killing.

Marvel cameos near and wide don't really need to stress who and why here.

Action even a zombie fanatic would love with a chainsaw in one hand, a sawed off in the other and powers make the action in this film unique and understandable.

A lot of trickery and lies goes on through a lot of characters trying to survive, should make that known to like "What would the super powered do to stay alive?"

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