Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A new mantle for the Ultimate Spider-Man (Spoilers)

Ultimate Peter Parker aka Spider-Man and Green Goblin went at it in one final battle and literally gave his life for his greater cause. Think he finally realized with the great power comes the responsibility to die for the right thing with your power as a hero. Ultimate Spider-man dying was a shocker to fans, mainly when they first announced it "Death of Spider-Man." we all thought it was earth-616 Spidey and fits were mad, pet stores had a decline in spider sales, and everyone bought silly string and went stir crazy in the streets!..... Ok those last two things didn't happen but still.

R.I.P. Peter Parker

Dont worry though guys while we were mourning over this death Marvel gave us new hope and fans were hoping that Ben Reily aka Scarlett Spider would have taken over the mantle in the ultimate universe, by a swinging 54% mind you. That's not the case though as we were wrong sadly, Ben still has hope in Earth-616 though..... right?

Class pay attention i have a new student to introduce you to, everyone i would like to introduce you to Miles Morales. The half African American, half Hispanic teenager that will take on the legacy of Ultimate Spider-Man, can this be a marvel diversity step towards other African American or even mixed heroes? All i can say is that he's a diversity double whammy, I don’t doubt he's going to be a good fit for Spider-Man he looks like the kid that Peter Parker was geeky and nerdy and will hopefully crack jokes on the level of his predecessor.

 Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso have been quoted in saying the diversity is good for the 21st Century and that fans (that’s us) are going to love Miles just like we loved Peter, which is good when I see the new kid in action I’ll see what he's capable of. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 releases in comic book stores everywhere in September. So get ready for power origins, a new supporting cast, and some more back story for Miles. Maybe his Gwen Stacy can live? I’m sorry was that too soon?

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