Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can the Scarlet Spider make a grand.... re debut?

Someone break out the Phoenix Downs and Soul Stones, this guy could need em.

Anyone remember the famous Clone Saga? Oh yea you bet i do! Different Spider-Men from different universes joining together to stop a crazed Spider-Carnage. Or you could also be referring to the classic and controversial comic book story that went on longer than anyone expected. With its choices that fans were not to happy with. The originally planned year long event sold very well so they decided to keep up with the story as long as they did. One good thing to come out of the saga was Ben Reily aka the Scarlett Spider.

So what does all this mean you ask? How about after all the drama that's been going on with Marvel lately, all the deaths and rebirths happening as usual of course though you know the comic drill. Whats wrong with the Scarlett Spider coming back and fitting in again with the World aka Marvel? Lets just take a minute to nerd discuss how Ben's death was a complete cop out, I mean sure the other clones had a defect in there genetic codes which causes them to die after a while... complete clone genocide to end the story I'm all for it don't get me wrong. Ben however didn't have that defect and was killed anyway, having the winning gene and he was killed anyway come on Marvel.

Could Marvel be on the troll train?!

This latest image was brought about to tease us into the hopeful return of the Scarlet-Spider, Now hold on there reader we should approach this like a game of Marvel Clue. I think it can be one of several suspects, how about Professor Miles Warren aka The Jackal in his laboratory with the samples he has and has used to clone himself and Spider Man who in the comic and the animated series is directly responsible for cloning Spider-Man and or his loved ones. *coughs* hydro Mary Jane anyone?

I wish i knew what the image meant but instead I'm a passenger on the possible troll train, I wouldn't mind Ben Reily make a comeback especially now that Marvel has made a lot of other choices that shook the universe some where good and some were bad, give Ben a chance at least or have the fans take a vote and decide if we want him back in action.

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