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Marvel vs Capcom 3 Moveset: Sigma

Mega Man X4 Zero:

Mega Man X5 Final Boss Battle (PlayStation)  

Mega man X6 Sigma Stage Final Boss Zero

With the help of an awesome friend of mine @darkhunter20xx and @MrDarkPhoenix we present to you the Sigma move set.

Alright so here's my move set list for sigma that can work for him if he is ever to be in UMVC3

(Normal intro with any regular character)
Tremble with terror you are finished.
You show no mercy for enemies or comrades.
(When he fights Zero)
So shall we finally settle this once and for all zero?
Lets see how you fare without X here to save you?!

Fine, If you will not follow me, then I'll watch you die once again.
 Zero... Who could have imagined that we'd cross paths at the end of the world

(When he fights Tron.)
You are a puny and weak prototype! Nothing more!
Give your pathetic crush my regards, he is nothing.

(When he fights Sentinel.)
I'm pleased to see you. Now I'll delete your soul forever!"
Allow me to remind you that I was once the leader of the Maverick Hunters...

(When Zero fights Sigma.)
Sigma!? Can't say I was looking forward to seeing you again.
you tried to use my DNA. I'll teach you what happens when you mess with me!

Winning quotes:
The stronger you are, the more I want to destroy you.
You can destroy me, but death is all that awaits you, too... Embrace your true self now, or forever be lost.

Winning quotes (to Zero)
 Don't get angry, Zero. I'm actually indebted to you. It is because of you that my children are able to create this magnificent new world in space.
Zero. What a shame... You had the abilities and potential to become like me.
When he enters he will enter like how he does in the boss battle for mega man x5 boss battle video i put up with him floating in the air and then landing and he will ready his scythe afterwards
2)Stance: he will be standing like he does on the mmx4 boss battle video on 1:14 of course holding his scythe.

3)Normals: He would have a command grab where he grabs you his hand glows blue as he thrusts his hand into the chest of the opponent light causes slight otg possibility, medium leaves them airborne for a brief second and high causes wall bounce.

his projectile will be like how it shows in the beginning of the x5 boss battle and will most likely look similar to Phoenix's projectile in MVC3 since it does move in the same way but this one wont home in on the opponent. if the projectiles are a bit much then he could also shoot lasers out of his eyes like he does in the boss battle for mega man x4 video (fast forward to 1:42 to see what I'm talking about.

He can have a jump normal move where when hes in the air he throws the scythe and it does a circle around him (see mega man x4 boss battle 1:17 as a reference to what I'm talking about..and it has the potential to block other projectiles as well.

He could also block do a dash move that can hurt as well almost similar to colossus in mvc 2 where he can dash and it hurts you (for a more better understanding look at the boss battle for x5 where he dashes at mega man from wall to wall (0:26) and it could go either straight forward or dash diagonally to work as an anti air move kind of.
standing L: mid body punch to the gut

standing M:quick scythe strike with the point of the scythe
standing H:sigma spins the scythe for 2 hits

 S: swings scythe upward with one hand leaving opponent airborne.

Throws you with one hand and plants the scythe stabbing you.

Charges up blue hand and explodes it and throws you to the ground
crouching L: standard poke with the edge of the scythe.
crouching M: mid section swipe with the scythe.
crouching H: slash that knocks opponent off the ground, mainly accompanied by the launcher.

6)air combos:
Air L: a punch with his other hand that isn't holding the scythe.
Air M: scythe comes out like a sword for a brief second to stab the opponent.
Air H: kick in the air with one foot
Air S: grips scythe with both hands and slams you on the ground

first assist would be the dash where it would work as an anti air because it would dash up...
second assist would shoot his lasers out of his eyes (possibly OTG)
third assist would be his lightning ball projectiles
8)Hypers: he would have 4 hypers:
1) level one hyper: he would form a wall of energy that shoots out at you (mega man x5 boss battle video 1:05 for reference) and yes it could also be used in the air as well
2) another level 1 hyper: he would grab you and then would throw you in the air and begins to dash fast damaging you (would look similar to maximum spider/ or Weskers move as well.

3) Remember his dog he sicked on you in Mega-Man X? how about that's a helper that shoots out projectiles to you for a small amount of time.

His level 3 Hyper:
he would turn into a giant robot just like the one in the boss battle video of x6 (start from 1:43 on to understand what i am talking about) he would turn into the robot and then summon those green virus looking stuff and they will attack you and then you fall into the ground and then he will summon a huge beam like he does in that same video and everything explodes to make it nice a flashy.

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