Monday, August 1, 2011

My Cast Monday: Devil May Cry 3 (The one that started it all.)

Dante Sparda:

Ian Somerhalder:

Vergil Sparda:

Daniel Southworth:
Who better to portray Vergil than the very person who does his motion capture, and voiced the more collected and experienced brother to Dante. To see Ian and Daniel go at it in this movie would be a treat to Power Ranger and Devil May Cry fans alike.

Paul Wesley:
I selected Paul because he's used to being the calm brother alongside Ian, or in this case Dante. Paul shows he's the calm, collected sibling and he looks like both Ian and Vergil.


Kate Beckinsale:

Sienna Guillory:


 Patrick Stewart:


 Steve Carrell:

 Jim Carrey:

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