Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catwoman follows Batman in an animated movie. Puuurfect!

With the release of Batman: Year One an animated movie coming out from DC Comics in Oct. with all the press and buzz Catwoman has gotten lately, thanks Dark Knight Rises. With Batman getting the center stage Catwoman herself is getting a short in the movie. Too bad NOW I HAVE LESS CATWOMAN TO LOOK AT TILL NEXT YEAR!..... I apologize for my nerd outburst readers.  If that wasn't enough to sway you the awesome and lovely Eliza Dushku (who would have been an excellent choice for the live action role as Catwoman) in an animated sense its going to be plain awesome i can guarantee that much.

With Eliza adding her talents to a great but sad short (wish it was longer than a short.) We can expect the Catwoman teasing to start at this point. With a year until The Dark Knight Rises releases, Hi-res pics of Anne in the realistic suit they have picked out for her i can see its going to be a sexy wait that will be highly rewarded. Until then guys hold out until October 18th and see how everything cats-up to our expeCATtions. All bad cat puns aside I'm seriously ready to see more of Gotham's finest cat burglar even if it is for 15mins, better than waiting a year in my opinion.

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